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Ayelén Urrutia &
Martín Vicente

El Pasito...

Fondo blanco

Ayelen Urrutia and Martín Vicente are two young professional dancers with a lot of charisma, personality and avant-garde in their style. His choice is clear: to rework and reevaluate the steps and teachings of the great milongueros of the time: Portalea, Finito, Cacho Mantegaza, Los Filipini, Pajarito y Kela, Carlos Moyano and Nati, el Gitano Victor. Ayelen is an amazing dancer. From classical dance, which she began as a child, to the natural transition to tango, she as a permanent tango dancer at the legendary Cafè Tortoni. Martín began with folklore and tango at the age of 8 and immediately understood that this would be her path. When the two meet, they leave their previous experiences to dedicate themselves with humility and passion to learning more about tango. Today they live and have their school in Karlsruhe. In addition to being part of international festivals as artists, they carry out festivals and events in their city.


We will be fortunate to enjoy the show of this extraordinary couple formed by two lovers of the danced history of Tango!

On Friday the 28th we will take that time to travel to the origins and forms through these 2 great dancers!

Friday 27
Great Show!

Ayelen Urrutia y Martin Vicente

after the


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