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Roxana Suarez

A whole role to discover...

Fondo blanco

Roxana Suárez is one of the most appreciated Argentine dancers and teachers today, she followed by tangueros from all over the world. Her journey began even before she took her first steps, as she swayed to the rhythm of the tango in her mother's womb. Growing up in her grandmother's milonga in Buenos Aires, Roxana she had the privilege of witnessing and learning from the best dancers of the time. Embodying the experience of years of living and breathing in the authentic tango scene of Buenos Aires, being Still very young, in February 2007, Roxana began her professional career. She firmly rooted in the belief that to be an outstanding teacher you must first be A dedicated student, she never stopped exploring, studying, and evolving her dance, constantly perfecting her teaching methods. In the beginning, in the midst of extensive rehearsals, she has been teaching in renowned tango schools in Buenos Aires and exhibiting in Buenos Aires milongas. Quickly, tango events spread around the globe and Roxana was invited to share her valuable knowledge and rich and authentic experience in prestigious international festivals such as TanGoToIstanbul (Türkiye), Mallorca Tango Festival (Spain), The Brussels Tango Festival (Belgium), Łódź Tango Hall Festival (Poland), Taipei Tango Festival (Taiwan), Torino Tango Festival (Italy), Tarbes en Tango (France), Nora’s Tango Week (San Francisco, USA), Lisbon International Tango Festival (Portugal), and many more. Since 2010, Roxana has joined various tango companies, including Tango + Tango, as well as dance on stages of renowned theaters on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires Aires, where she participated as a guest artist in exceptional productions, such as “Descarnados” by Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, and “El Cruxe” by Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero. Today, Roxana resides in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, from where She embarks on trips to participate in tango events around the world, sharing her captivating, authentic and truly unique tango with colleagues, friends, students, and fellow tango fans.


I invite you to join me in these lessons, whose final objective will be to develop more and more our sensitivity to be able to communicate deeply with another.

We will use both individual exercises and other resources to achieve a deep understanding of the fundamental elements of dancing tango.
4 meetings, 4 classes with this great dancer recognized throughout the world and admired by her colleagues.

Saturday 29


2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.:

Tonic body or flexible body?

Physical organization.


2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

What is the driving force of your movement?

Torsion. Pivot. Enter the turn.


Sunday 30


11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.:

Do I follow you or do you follow me?

Twist and circular ornaments.

12:45pm - 1:45pm

Are you aware of your back?

Timing of the free leg. Boleos.

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and do the 4 classes that will be incredible!

Roxana Suárez


Roxana Suárez

hoja blanca

Para todas y todos que ya van a Milonguear


  • Se recomienda concurrir 15 minutos antes .

  • Se recomiendan zapatos de baile!


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